Project Empty Bowl – June 11, 2009

Mark your calendars: Project Empty Bowl takes place on June 11, 2009 at the Pacific Palisades Hotel. This event is the signature fundraiser for A Loving Spoonful, a Vancouver-based agency that provides free, nutritious food to people living with HIV/AIDS. It’s a fabulous combination of art, food and fun.

The premise of Project Empty Bowl is very simple: when you arrive, you receive a hand-crafted bowl. The bowl is yours to fill with delicious food, and to keep after the event. There’s a silent and live art auction with work donated from amazing local artists. Check out @PEB2009’s Twitter stream for updates about donors, sponsors and other news.

Tickets are $75 if purchased before May 31, and $85 after that. Buy tickets by calling 604-682-6325, or by emailing peb (at) alovingspoonful (dot) org. This event sells out, so get yours post-haste.

Also, if you’re an artist who wants to donate a piece, or a business/person who wants to provide sponsorship, call 604-682-6325, leave me a comment, or fill out the contact form below. I’ll pass your information onto the right people.

Published by: Eagranie

7 years as a chemist + 9 months of culinary school + 2 years as a pastry chef & chocolatier + a lifetime of writing = this blog. This blog won't always be about chocolate, but it will almost certainly be about food. The name of the blog is a triple play on words. 1. It's a nod to my training as a classical pianist. Among other fantastic accomplishments, J.S. Bach combined technical prowess with artistic inspiration and penned the 24 preludes & fugues that make up The Well-Tempered Clavier, Books I and II. 2. In order to behave properly, chocolate needs to be tempered. In a nutshell, tempering prompts the chocolate to assume its most stable crystalline form (beta prime, if you're interested) so that it is shiny, snappy, and as stable as it can be. 3. Depending on my mood and how we meet, you might agree that I'm well-tempered. Or not.

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