The Chocolate Tasting Kit

Like many good things, this started as a crazy idea–one too crazy to actually be real, until I a series of small steps coalesced and turned into a book deal, and then a fitful summer wrangling words, and then some more wrangling when the edits came through, and finally(!) a book.

Wait, so is it a book or a kit?
Well, it’s both. It’s a kit that contains a book, but there are words all over it, and I wrote those words. So indulge me, won’t you?

Where can I buy it?
You can purchase it wherever fine books are sold. And if you can’t, you should ask very politely for them to order it for you, and say thank you when they do. Check out the links in the right-hand sidebar for online ordering.

In Vancouver, you can get the kit from:
Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks, which has an awesome points system for incurable cookbook buyers.
Pulp Fiction Books. If they don’t have a kit in stock, they will happily order one for you (and give you a 30% discount off the list price).
Xoxolat, which also has the city’s best selection of fine chocolate. How convenient.

Does it come with chocolate?
Sadly, no. But see, this works out because part of enjoying chocolate is choosing it. Also, this guarantees that you’re getting fresh chocolate with your book, and not something that has been sitting on a shelf for a while. Not that my kit will sit on shelves for any length of time. It’ll be flying off the shelves!

Well, that’s lame.
Nice try, but that’s not a question.

Will you sign my book?
I’d love to. Check out my events page to come see me in person. Bonus: I usually travel with chocolate.


The Chocolate Tasting Kit

The Chocolate Tasting Kit, by Eagranie Yuh

The Chocolate Tasting Kit is your essential guide to buying, tasting and appreciating fine chocolate.

Available at a fine bookseller near you, or
buy online:
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