Chocolate-Tasting Classes

Cacao podsDid you know that chocolate grows on trees? Well, to be precise, the pod of Theobroma cacao grows on trees, and only 20 degrees above and below the equator. The process of transforming this nubbly, football-shaped pod into what we know as chocolate is fascinating and complex.

Just like wine is more than fermented grape juice, chocolate can be more than a sweet fix. I’ll teach you how chocolate is made from bean to bar, and take you on an exploration of the many personalities of chocolate: fruity to earthy, savoury to sweet, and much more. You’ll leave each class knowing where chocolate comes from, how it was made, and how to taste it.


Public chocolate-tasting classes

For public classes, please visit my events page. Or, to get the the inside scoop on upcoming classes and events, sign up for the mailing list.

Private and corporate chocolate-tasting classes

Chocolate tastings are a great way to celebrate birthdays, get a group of friends together or build team rapport. I’ll work with you to create a tailored event for your group, from the bare basics to more complicated topics. Interested in fair trade and organic? We can talk about that. Mad about milk chocolate? No problem.

Private tastings work best for groups of 10-15, but I can also accommodate larger or smaller groups. I provide the chocolate, palate cleansers and stories; venue rental and additional beverages are extra.

Previous clients include:

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The Chocolate Tasting Kit

The Chocolate Tasting Kit, by Eagranie Yuh

The Chocolate Tasting Kit is your essential guide to buying, tasting and appreciating fine chocolate.

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