Announcing The Chocolate Tasting Kit!

Posted on December 5th, 2013

The Chocolate Tasting Kit, by Eagranie Yuh (Chronicle Books, 2014)The Fedex man arrived on an otherwise ordinary Thursday afternoon. I signed for the package: rigid items inside a flabby, floppy padded bag. A quick glance at the sender label told me it was from Chronicle Books, a publisher in San Francisco.

Scratch that. MY publisher in San Francisco.

It took a split second for it all to sink in. It started in the tips of my toes and quickly rose through my body, shooting out my fingertips as I ripped the package open. Inside: three pristine copies of The Chocolate Tasting Kit. By Eagranie Yuh.

My book. By me.

The ensuing happy dance was more joyous than I’ve done in a while, with limbs flailing, feet kicking and much squealing. It was a wholly undignified, unfettered expression of pure glee.

I’m drowning in other projects right now, but I did want to share the good news with you. You’ll be hearing plenty more between now and March 18, 2014, when the book comes out. But hey, if you wanted to, I don’t know…preorder said book, I’d reprise the happy dance. In fact, I might hug you and squeal and we could do a happy dance together. It would be undignified, and I think that’s entirely appropriate.

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